Blog/Building green: repurposing waste means creating value
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Building green: repurposing waste means creating value

Park 20|20 is located southwest of Amsterdam. A unique business park where challenges in the field of building green and Cradle to Cradle® are met in an innovative way by Delta Development and N3O Architecten. The development's approach is twofold. On one hand, an endeavour is being made to preserve the residual value of buildings by constructing them in a flexible way with materials that can be reused. On the other hand, buildings must be made healthier and smarter, taking the users' well-being into account.

Not cheap, but the best

Jeroen Grosfeld (architect with N3O Architecten): ‘building green doesn't just mean working with fewer materials and square metres and less energy. It also means that you must be able to take buildings apart and reuse the materials. A challenge, because a building contains thousands of materials that have to be C2C compliant and cost neutral as well as aesthetically pleasing. Mosa supplies an attractive ceramic product of that kind, which is flexible, nontoxic and locally produced as well.’

Coert Zachariasse (director of Delta Development) nods in agreement, adding, ‘Mosa operates according to the Cradle to Cradle principle, making them perfectly aligned with our philosophy about delivering high quality. Mosa's authentic method of working, also motivates us to continue looking further in a critical way. We always try to go one step further in terms of sustainability. In our view, for example, an office is more than just a physical workplace. It's a place where cohesion and synergy are born. That means that when you start designing you have to make a space smaller but better, and suited to interaction.’
Owen Zachariasse (Delta Development's innovation & sustainability manager): ‘We do a lot of research, so we know how much time employees spend on communication, contemplation, concentration, collaboration and creativity even before we start. So we develop spaces based on the time spent in them, allowing us to create a better business case for our clients.’

Positive change

According to these gentlemen, we aren't there yet, because we still aren't capable of creating a 100% C2C building. But that is the direction we're headed, now that big industries are also looking at sustainability from their core business and no longer from a marketing perspective. Right now, Park 20|20 is a worldwide pioneer. Both sustainable and commercially viable, and maybe not perfect quite yet, but certainly inspiring.

Mosa’s contribution to Park 20|20

For the Bluewater project in Park 20|20 Mosa developed an ingenious and visible click-on system measuring no less than 1200 m2. This system makes it possible to replace the facade at any time. It also provides ventilation and is C2C certified, the same as the tiles. As for the tiles, the Beige & Brown collection was selected for these (60 x 60 cm tiles). This collection is characterised by its artful gradations from beige to brown and from light to intensely dark. Mosa supplied its well-known Terra Maestricht and Global collections for the interiors of Bluewater and other projects in Park 20|20.