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The next step towards a circular ceramic floor

TGLS and Mosa have been long-term partners in multiple projects. For many years, original Dutch tilers, TGLS, have been integrating and creating the surfaces of corporates with tiles in the traditional way. However, we are growing towards a world that increasingly understands and encourages the values of sustainability and the circular economy. The need to incorporate circular elements in building design therefore becomes more relevant than ever before. As Patrick de Winter, CEO of TGLS, mentions: ‘When being future focused, you will come to understand that traditional ways of working often need to be adjusted or even completely changed. We will need to take into account sustainability’.

As a proponent and supporter of sustainability in the production of tiles and the overall building industry, Mosa has found alignment to the vision of TGLS. Years of effort and continuous development have led Mosa to be the world’s first and only ceramic tile company to have gained the Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Silver certification for nearly its entire collection. This year, Mosa does not only celebrate 10 years of commitment to the Cradle to Cradle principles , the company also aims to increase its contribution to circular construction.

With joined objectives to contribute to a sustainable future, Mosa and TGLS are taking the next step together in the search of circular solutions.

Finding circular solutions

A trend to frequently change designs can be noticed in the retail industry. ‘Retailers tend to often make changes in their design concept. This happens every five to seven years, which means that floor tiles, while not having reached their full potential lifetime, would need to be removed. However, when using specific adhesives (e.g. glue) to incorporate the tiles, this would instantly limit the ability to properly recycle the tiles afterwards’ says De Winter.

Recognising the challenge, Mosa and TGLS took the collective decision to look ahead and find circular solutions that could help to promote improved circular construction. A collaborative think tank group came into existence for the creation of such ideas. Questions such as ‘what solutions can we offer to improve circularity?’, ‘what can be done so tiles can be recycled properly?’ or ‘how can we contribute to making sure tile residues can become resources again?’ have been addressed during this process.

On our way to improved circularity: a first impression at Euroshop 2020

The results of the journey come together at Euroshop 2020 in Düsseldorf (Germany), the world’s largest trade fair for retail investment requirements. At partnering company Jos De Vries’ (JDV) stand, worldwide developer of architectural concepts in retail stores, TGLS will give a first impression of a newly developed circular click-system in cooperation with Mosa tiles. Between 16 – 20 February 2020, a 1.20 x 1.20 meter sample of the system will be made available for the audience to view for the first time.

With focus on modularity and flexible methods of implementation, the system consists of individual components. This optimises the pace of incorporating, changing or repairing single parts in designs. Not only can situations (such as damaged joints) be quickly responded to, specific client needs can be taken into account as well during this process. ‘We have high expectations for the system, and have therefore also set the bar high. We aim to continuously develop and adapt the system in search of improvements’ says De Winter.

With the main objective to contribute to improved circularity, the system can facilitate the removal of tiles in a sustainable manner, which in turn can be reused or returned to Mosa as secondary raw material for the production of new tiles. Although an official launch cannot be expected before the second half of 2020, those who are interested in having an exclusive preview at the system can visit the JDV stand (Hall 12, stand B19) at Euroshop 2020 in Düsseldorf, Germany.