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Toilet renovations: small spaces, big impact

A trip to the loo can leave a lasting impression. The humble toilet invariably gets a visit, be it at a fashionable restaurant or a cultural hotspot. This modest space not only serves an important function, but its design, style, and condition are critical in defining a venue’s creative value. 

Striking design
In order to make the most of this often-overlooked space and to reach an interior’s full potential, regular toilet renovations are the way to go. Mosa, a veteran in the art of putting together the perfect bathroom, knows full well the power of a striking design.  The company’s specialists understand that a neglected toilet can alter a bar or hotel’s overall impression dramatically for the worse, affecting customer experience. At the same time, a carefully planned toilet renovation has the power to surprise, stimulate and reassure.

This is not about size. There is a range of great designs; simple, minimalist cubicles, large, lush bathroom suites with elaborate powder rooms to boot, and anything in-between. Creating a commanding interior is about quality, not quantity. Even when a room is small, there are countless toilet renovation options and with the right tools, even the most awkward of spaces can transform.

This is something a clever choice in ceramic surfaces can guarantee. By playing with different tiles and product combinations, a toilet renovation can be not only easy and effective, but a fun and welcome task. 

Memorable bathroom facilities 
The devil is in the detail, and a well looked after lavatory is a mark of real luxury. It is no surprise that some of the most famous architectural landmarks, such as the Shard in London, have equally memorable bathroom facilities – who can forget the tower’s futuristic, glass-enclosed toilets’ clean design and stunning views?

Bringing together the inspiring and the practical, toilet renovations are proof that a project can never be too small to have a big impact. 

The toilet renovation of Townhouse is part of the project Flush.

Toilet renovations Townhouse after
Toilet renovations Townhouse before