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Why White Tiles are Trending

It seems the most timeless colour will soon be the most timely. Benjamin Moore, the paint company whose colour sense is counted on by more design professionals than any other has just declared its colour of the year for 2016 as “Simply White.” This is a profound absence-of-colour statement coming from the 132-year-old firm whose colour fan decks are as ubiquitous in design offices as floor plans and elevations. The Mosa design team agrees with Benjamin Moore’s theory that white may be both the silent hero of the design world and its next big thing.

One can often re-paint as fashions change, but when it comes to tiles, the most significant reason for specifying white is that while there are myriad ways to make it look new, it is a colour that doesn’t go in and out of style. This is of tremendous value when selecting any permanent building material and may be one reason why it is such an important colour historically throughout architecture and design.

So why is this classic forecasted as the next big interiors “trend”? Ellen O’Neill, Creative Director and Priscilla Ghaznavi, Colour & Design Director of Benjamin Moore, offer several reasons, including that white:

  1. Remains constant in various light sources
  2. Accentuates light and shadow to help the eye appreciate form and shape of a space
  3. Can be elevated to a design tool when texturized and layered with other whites
  4. Gracefully accommodates any and all adjacent colors in a design
  5. Signifies and evokes a sense of honesty and purity

Great Ways to Spec White Tiles

In the kitchen, spa, and bath particularly, white tiles express a feeling of cleanliness and simplicity that is both inviting and luxurious. So while Mosa is proud to offer over 250 colours of ceramic and porcelain tiles, opening up thousands of options for designers, Mosa’s product design team never underestimates the power of white, and offers it in many textures and finishes, shapes and tones. Here are the white highlights. Choose from these whites alone or accent them with any of Mosa’s 250 other hues, for design projects that stand the test of time:

  1. Mosa Murals Blend, with its multi-dimensional layering, a recent honoree in the Hospitality Design Awards, affords the opportunity to create a monochromatic white mural that feels new, fresh, and cool.
  2. Classics Kho Liang le Collection is a revival from the Sixties with a geometric relief that is the essence of modernism.
  3. Mosa’s Global Collection offers several hues of warm or cool white in a modular, hard wearing, and nonslip tile that combines functionality, aesthetics, and affordability.