Blog/Why you should choose for ceramic tiles in your project?
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Why you should choose for ceramic tiles in your project?

Creating a meaningful design that can stand the test of time starts with choosing the right materials. Constructed out of clay and other natural ingredients, ceramic tiles are considered one of the most durable options on the markets.  They are a very popular choice for floors, walls and many other applications.  However, why should you choose for them as a solution for your project? And when are ceramic tiles the best option for your new building project – whether it concerns a commercial flooring or an apartment renovation? The answer to that is simple: there are several reasons why ceramic tiles are convenient. In this blog, we list 7 general advantages of ceramic tiles and what makes them a guarantee for success.

7 general advantages of ceramic tiles
  1. Hard-wearing and scratch-resistant
  2. Resistant to thermal expansion
  3. Fireproof
  4. Non-toxic
  5. Recyclable
  6. Safe and hygienic installation
  7. Resistant to Bacteria, Mold and Fungus
1. Ceramic tiles are hard-wearing and scratch-resistant

As long as you replace them often, most floors are durable and resist the wear and tear of everyday life. As ceramic tiles do not contain plastic they can last for a very long time. They are a safe option and stand the test of time with their hard-wearing and scratch-resistant characteristics - even in high-traffic environments.

2. Ceramic tiles are resistant to thermal expansion

As long as temperatures remain constant, most floors do not alter from thermal expansion. However, altering from thermal expansion happens because of plastic components within the flooring. As ceramic tiles don’t contain these components, this ensures that ceramic tiles are heat resistant and don’t alter when temperatures fluctuate.

3. Ceramic tiles are fireproof

Accidents as a sudden fire can happen at any time, however, as ceramic tiles don’t contain any plastic they are completely fire and heat resistant. That means fire won’t spread, which brings us to the next advantage.

4. Ceramic tiles are non-Toxic

As long as no fire breaks out, floors don’t release acid or corrosive and toxic fumes. As ceramic tiles are heat and fire resistant, the chances of toxic fumes spreading are brought down significantly.

5. Ceramic tiles are recyclable

Whereas other type of floors could be recycled upon taking them apart layer by layer, this won’t be the case for ceramic tiles. Made of natural ingredients, ceramic tiles are homogenous and can be recycled as a whole.

6. Safe and Hygienic Installation

Professional installation of your tiles ensures stability and hygiene for floors and walls, with lasting beauty as a result. Combining safe installation with other advantages, this ensures long-lasting enjoyment.

7. Resistant to Bacteria, Mold and Fungus

Most floors require specific products to be cleaned with. If you do this, bacteria, mold and fungus do not stand a chance. However, ceramic tiles do not favour the proliferation of bacteria, mold and fungus.

Ceramic tiles and Mosa’s Ultragres technology: the best of both layers

As some of the advantages mentioned above relate to the top layer of a tile, others are more important for the lower part. As each part of the tile comes with different required properties, Mosa has developed the Ultragres technology. This process creates a dual porosity tile that provides exceptional performance properties on both sides, while ensuring each single tile remains unique.

For the top layer of the tile, it would mean that we ensure:

  • Wear-resistance
  • Scratch-resistance properties
  • Resistance to dirty marks
  • Requires very low maintenance
  • Has aesthetic value

For the bottom layer, it would mean that we ensure:

  • Excellent flexural and break strength
  • Maximum dimensionality stability and is flat
  • Sufficient adhesive properties

As Mosa continuously develops its own designs and tile colours, any desired signature surface and identity can be created. It forms the perfect combination of ceramic and innovative technology.

Making your ideas a reality

What does your desired design look like? With the advantages of ceramic tiles and the unique properties of Mosa’s Ultragres technology, every idea can become reality. Curious about how this is going to look for your tile project? Contact us for more information.