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BIM for contractors: key benefits and challenges

Contractors play a key role in construction processes, which become more demanding every day. They are constantly under pressure to work faster, more cost-efficient, and execute the ideas of architects better than their competitors. They are subject to tight deadlines, stringent regulations and complex calculations. In a bid to continue meeting their clients’ ever-increasing expectations, contractors are increasingly turning to Building Information Modelling (BIM).

“Contractors are the ones who benefit the most from BIM”

Building Information Modelling enables everyone involved in the construction process to access designs and information on processes and materials, and collaborate on the project within one building model. It makes a building’s design and its execution more cost-accurate, and provides insight into the design’s feasibility. “Contractors are the ones who benefit the most from BIM, since they are the designated go-between for architects and subcontractors”, says Mark Trommelen, Industrial Designer at Mosa.

Planning ahead with BIM

“Changing orders mid-construction is not an uncommon practice, but it can really break a budget”, Mr. Trommelen continues. “By using BIM, contractors are able to detect potential errors early on and plan their budget and orders accordingly.”

All aboard?

Unfortunately, not everyone is jumping on the BIM bandwagon. In order for BIM to work, architects and subcontractors need to be willing to play their part in it as well. Since the digitization of the building industry is still a work in progress, not all architects and (sub)contractors are fully aware of the benefits of BIM. What’s more, when they are in fact willing cooperate, the quality of the data they deliver is often of substandard quality. “It is up to the contractor to establish an efficient collaboration protocol, but that can only work when all parties take BIM seriously and are involved in the early stages of the project”, Mr. Trommelen adds.

Mosa simplifies Building Information Modelling

The Mosa Pattern Generator is a BIM-friendly tool designers can use to create unique patterns with Mosa tiles. It also allows tilers to easily retrieve all the information they need to put together their tiling plan, without having to rely on contractors.

Discover the Mosa Pattern Generator today and take your building project to a BIM level.