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Colorful Mosa

Any designer worth their salt will confirm it; few elements can change the mood and feel of a space, as quickly and as dramatically, as color can. Making a statement through its shade or intensity – or even its ‘absence’ – color is a defining design feature and a valuable tool in a designer’s arsenal, with the ability to make or break an interior project. So, the use of color is a fascinating topic that has always been critical in the creation of space; as the design specialists at Mosa are well aware.

It comes as no surprise then that the tile specialist has had such a long tradition in the research and development of its approach to color, slowly perfecting its extensive range that covers anything from soft, neutral shades to the most vivid, eye catching ones. Still, Mosa’s established expertise doesn’t mean the Dutch company likes to rest on its laurels. Continuous studies on the progresses and trends surrounding the impact of color in design led to the idea of Colorful Mosa – the maker’s clever response to the industry’s growing demand for more and better offerings within the field.

Over 50 colors
Colorful Mosa does not refer to a specific range – it rather suggests a theme, conceived to tell the story of the manufacturer’s playful and modern approach to color. Uniting under this single theme the company’s rich color selection, from light to dark, subtle to powerful, fresh, aged or saturated, Colorful Mosa spans over 50 options from the manufacturer’s existing stock. This includes shades from Mosa’s comprehensive collections, such as Colors and Global Collection – and many more. And if the exact shade you need is not found within the readily available stock range, true to its commitment to a bespoke approach, Mosa can custom-make one to suit your needs through the Mosa OnDemand service. 

Modular tiles
Creative as they are practical, all Mosa’s colorful tiles are modular, so they can be combined in myriad configurations, offering an endless source of inspiration to architects and interior designers and urging them to experiment. “We launched the Colorful Mosa theme because we realised many architects regularly only use a limited number of colors in their works – often the more neutral ones, such as grey, white or black shades. But we have so much more to offer”, says José Maase, Mosa’s Head of Design. “And it is not just about using different, or brighter colors. It is also about exploring our variety and all the subtle nuances that can be created through the application of different textures, such as high gloss, stone matt and very matt surfaces".