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Designed spaces as blank canvases

“We focus on a sense of space instead of individual taste. Given that we come from architectural backgrounds, this influences our methodology and provides us with the technical ability to realize our design. This is how you get coherent designs that stand the test of time,” says Vesna Aksentijevic of London-based interior design firm FLINT, who worked on the entryway and apartments at Alto in Wembley Park.

“At FLINT, we think spaces should possess integrity and inherent longevity. We understand market trends, but our design approach is not driven by them; we want to create coherent, minimal and, most of all, contemporary spaces. Our focus for Alto was on neutral backgrounds, detailing, and a palette of high quality materials. Human comfort lies at the core of our practice. Whilst furniture and textiles are of great significance, spatial design and architectural interior detail should be able to stand on its own without them. After all, the users are all individuals with their own wishes and choices; apartments have to become their homes, and should be enjoyed by them. Each new resident will bring furniture, plants and art, and will make the space their own. By providing neutral palettes, you allow the residents this flexibility.”

Tiles as we like them
“The materials and colors we chose for Alto added to these neutral canvases. The Ultragres Terra Maestricht tiles from Mosa have natural, beautiful colors and came in the right size. Given the color of the tiles is not even, there is a handmade quality to them. The finish, tones and subtle gradations make them interesting, but they are still minimal and discreet. In combination with the glass, the bathrooms become tranquil spaces.”

“For the entrance, we selected the larger 36 x 36 inch dark Quartz anthracite black Ultragres tiles which have a small speckle. At night, these tiny speckles catch the light and make the space more vivid. FLINT has worked with Mosa in the past and our appreciation comes from their emphasis on innovation, quality and sustainability. No matter what size or color, their tiles are always contemporary and architectural, but at the same time they feel handmade and timeless – exactly how we like them.”

Alto Apartments Wembley
Alto Apartments Wembley