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How to choose the perfect tiles for your roof terrace

Does your building have little or no garden? In that case creating a roof terrace can be the answer. A roof terrace is ideal for enjoying the sunshine of early spring and sunbathing in midsummer. A few lounge chairs, a parasol, some plants, a nice cold glass of wine… Pure bliss! With the right tiles, a roof terrace adds value to a building and can even make a remarkable extension of the interior.

Roof terrace tiles have a lot to endure

Rain, snow, hail, wind, the glaring sun, … Roof terrace tiles need to be hardwearing and colour proof if you want them to keep their look for years to come. If you’re looking for roof terrace tiles that are sturdy enough to endure the elements, then porcelain tiles are definitely the right choice

Terrace tiles by Mosa

Have you heard about Mosa XT tiles? These ceramic exterior tiles are perfectly suited for any roof terrace! Having been exhaustively tested, Mosa XT tiles guarantee that your roof terrace will still look amazing ten years from now. They’re stain resistant, frost resistant, slip resistant and UV stable. And that’s not all: Mosa XT tiles are lightweight, yet extremely strong.

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Your roof terrace: a stylish extension of your interior

Porcelain tiles can pull off any look. Rustic, contemporary, avant-garde, a hardwood look… You name it. Mosa tiles can do it all! Mosa XT tiles are so versatile that they can extend the look of any interior style. Mosa XT tiles are fully adapted to Mosa interior tiles in terms of pattern, dimensions and colour, allowing a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior floor. A perfect symbiosis!

 Don’t forget about drainage

Mosa XT tiles are installed in a system utilising floor pedestals. The raised floor offers lots of flexibility, as the height can be altered to adjust the drainage slope of the subsurface. The drainage itself is provided by the underlying surface.