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How to create signature surfaces in an easy way?

With an enormous amount of surface design options on the market, it is likely to often feel overwhelmed. When decided what material to use, you may experience choice overload all over. What would you think of a tile series that allows you to find the right product quickly and easily? What if you could see all product options in one overview of aligned colors and textures? Wouldn’t that allow you to work more intuitively and help you save time? In this article we’ll introduce you to Mosa Core Collection, a tile series that allows you to create signature surfaces in an easy way.

Introduced in September 2020, Mosa’s Core Collection connects three beloved ceramic floor tile series Solids, Terra and Quartz, partly by adding new colors that enable aesthetic blends of different series. Sandra Smijers, designer of Core Collection explains: "With Core Collection, we simplified our floor tile range to ensure that architects and designers can find the right product for their projects more quickly and easily. Additionally, we expanded the range of options for designing signature surfaces by adding new colors, sizes, tile shapes and patterns."

The collection includes 39 tile colors, three different tile textures, various traditional tile sizes, and seven innovative tile shapes, and patterns that can be fully customised.

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Unparalleled design freedom

Flawlessly matching light, dark, warm, and cool color tones with layered, powdery, and robust textures. Moreover, new colors that offer contemporary trend interpretations have been added to the mix, widening the designer’s choice. Core Collection offers numerous design possibilities in one neat overview, making it easier than ever for architects and designers to choose the right tiles, shapes and patterns for their project.

Modular tile shapes

New in Mosa’s portfolio and part of Core Collection are seven innovative, modular tile shapes. With this, Mosa adds a new dimension to surface design by offering endless design possibilities. As all pieces are modular, the tiles can be combined to produce the right effect and atmosphere for each individual design and purpose.

In line with Mosa’s ongoing commitment to contribute to the environment and society, all products in Core Collection bear the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) Silver certificate. In addition, the smart, modular design of the tile shapes means that all material is used. Smijers mentions: "We cut shapes out of 60 by 60 centimeter tiles. As the tiles are used in its entirety, we ensure no cutting waste and consistency with the C2C philosophy."

New tile patterns

Breaking barriers between series, Core Collection allows designers to put together their own mix-and-match selection from across Solids, Terra, and Quartz. However, Mosa also offers an extensive variety of set combinations, with balanced patterns of colors, textures, and tile shapes. "The patterns we promote ensure a balanced use of the shape to ensure that no residual material remains when laying the tiles. An upgraded Mosa Pattern Generator and the Shapes tool on our website are provided to support architects and designers to make the choice that is right for them.", says Smijers.

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