Blog/Quality factors to consider prior to porcelain tile selection
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Quality factors to consider prior to porcelain tile selection

Whether for residential or commercial purposes, quality porcelain tiles have to meet certain standards. Issues such as slip resistance, breaking strength and edge tolerance have to be considered prior to tile selection. At Mosa, we believe it’s important to offer a reliable and beautiful tile solution for every situation. That’s why our Ulragres porcelain floor tiles far exceed the industry’s quality standards, making it the world’s most sturdy tile, available for both indoor and outdoor use.

Seven characteristics for tile quality specification

Tile quality can be measured by means of seven defining characteristics:

• Slip resistance: How slippery is the surface?
• Abrasion resistance: Will the tile show wear patterns over time or is it susceptible to scratching?
• Breaking strength: Will the tile crack or fail if exposed to heavy static or dynamic load?
• Modulus of Flexural strength: Is the tile able to resist deformation under load?
• Bond strength: Will the tile lose adhesion to the substrate after exposure to vibrations from foot traffic or other environmental factors?
• Edge tolerance: Can the tile be installed with tight grout joints and maintain an even and uniform appearance?
• Face dimension: Can the tile be installed with tight grout joints and not have lippage?

The ASTM Standard versus Ultragres quality tiles

Most porcelain tiles meet the ASTM Standard. However, Mosa’s Ultragres Terra Maestricht far exceeds these stringent quality and functionality requirements, boasting excellent properties for both surface and body: the surface of the tile is highly wear resistant and easy to clean, while the body ensures high strength, very good dimensional stability and good adhesion in cement mortar and tile adhesive.

Ultragres: an excellent choice in heavy traffic applications

Ultragres porcelain tiles easily stand the test of time, retaining their beauty and reliability under all conditions – in heavy traffic applications, both indoors and outdoors. In other words, it’s your safest choice when dealing with the most demanding of customers.