Blog/The lasting value of sustainable materials in the building industry
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The lasting value of sustainable materials in the building industry

You probably hear about the following topic all the time: Sustainability. Sustainability has become a necessity for the modern building industry. If we aim to take into account the wellbeing of our future generations, sustainability indeed is an essential element that cannot be understated. But how can we make sure that our building projects created today are meant to last? What can we do together to make sure that sustainability is incorporated in the building industry? Are we able to choose sustainable materials that are not going to damage the environment? Interesting questions and topic – and this is what interior design architects PUUR thought as well. In this blog, you can read all about the design philosophy of PUUR and how they take into account sustainability in all their projects. 

Jan Geysen, head designer at PUUR, and his team start each project with one key question: who is the end user of the environment? How we can make sure to create a space that takes into account their needs and provides them leverage to do what they do best? Whether the project concerns a concept store, high traffic office or a place where students come together, the focus on sustainability already starts at this early stage. 

Inspiration can be found everywhere, together

When creating the look and feel of a space, inspiration can derive from anything. As interiors are constantly changing, spaces are used differently, or whether the digital world has an influence on interiors, it is an ongoing challenge for PUUR to adjust to that. "As interior design architects, we feel it is our duty to respond to a change. Together with clients, partners or any other parties, we can come up together with a fitting solution. By including them in the decision making process, making them enthusiastic about the project and materials, and be open minded towards their ideas and thoughts, we make sure that all needs are covered and that we can stay creative within the budget" says Geysen.

By finding inspiration through the history of buildings, materials used before or thinking about a building’s future purpose, PUUR discovers multiple ways to not only look at the creation of a space today, but to also consider its future. "Objects that are in good condition do not always need to be replaced. It just requires us to think differently when designing a space" argues Geysen. Moreover, it also entails working with materials that have a positive impact on the world - circular materials - through partners that have similar objectives. "Only together, we are making a difference on this road to sustainability".

Jan-Geysen-en Mosa.jpg

Jan Geysen, head designer at PUUR

Working towards a sustainable future

As more circular solutions can be found on the market in recent years, PUUR believes it is their responsibility as interior design architects to incorporate this in their projects and motivate others to do so as well. "Instead of a 'choice' we all need to become aware and understand why it is so important to incorporate sustainable materials. If we want the world to become more sustainability-focused and a better place, we should take the first step ourselves". One of the most recent projects PUUR has recently undertaken is the renovation of their own office. Here, they have created a contemporary architectural concept while taking into account the use of ecological materials, making sure that every aspect can be used and reused in the future. A project with a true circular approach.

With circularity in mind, PUUR also collaborated with parties such as Rotor DC, a collective of architects established in Belgium, that is specialized in recovering building materials that were ready demolition. "Sustainability also starts with giving material a second opportunity". Geysen continues "We are not thinking about materials only, but also about elements such as transport of materials, production method of a product etc."

Choosing locally

In recent years PUUR has chosen for several of Mosa’s tile collection to be part in projects, such as at the ASK Romein office in Malle and Learning Centre for students in Amsterdam. By collaborating and choosing to stay in line with the C2C philosophy, which is increasingly important, the realization of an improved building industry and higher focus on sustainable materials is possible, together.

Would you like to learn about the way we incorporate sustainability at Mosa? Feel free to talk to us about it!