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Tiling the Milan Central station – Underscoring the technical prowess and design of Mosa tiles

Tiling a busy train station in the middle of one of Europe's most visited fashion capitals surely is no small feat. For the Milan Central station, each new addition of tiles had to be fittingly stylish - echoing the early 20th century feel of the building – and of exceptionally high quality to accommodate a heavy flow of foot traffic. Additionally, the tiles were to be installed on elevated concrete with train traffic nearby.

Robust yet gorgeous  tiles

In short, tiling the Milan Central station promised to be a big challenge. But that didn’t stop Mosa's design team! Determined to succeed, they got their heads together –  and the results speak for themselves. The Milan Central station is now tiled with gorgeous, yet robust porcelain tiles. How did Mosa do it? We kept these five qualities in mind – and made sure each individual tile adhered to them:

1.      Natural design

A perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality, large format tiles (60 x 95 cm) and planks from Mosa's Terra Maestricht collection were an obvious choice. Milan can rest assured that the floors of its Central station are slip-resistant, hardwearing, and will still look relevant in years to come thanks to their natural look.

2.      Slip resistant tiles

Mosa knows that high traffic and food service equals spills and slipping hazards. That's why all of Mosa's non-slip floor tiles have passed the ISO test with flying colours.

3.      Abrasion resistance

High traffic areas such as train stations require tiles that are not only slip-resistant, but also easy to clean. Once more, Mosa is ahead of the game by having tiles that exceed the requirements of the industry standard for abrasion resistance – which means Mosa's tiles always preserve the architect's design for years to come.

4.      Exceptional bond and breaking strength

In addition to heavy foot traffic, heavy service vehicles and equipment also put a lot of stress on floor tiles and can cause them to break or come loose over time. Mosa tiles, however, far exceed the the industry standard in terms of breaking strength, enabling them to withstand the heaviest of loads.

5.      Tight 2 mm grout joints

A clean, modern aesthetic requires large tiles, ideally installed with tight grout joints of 2 mm. So of course, that's the grout we specified for the Milan Central station. But aren't large tiles incompatible with such a tight grout joint, causing lippage? Usually, yes, but Mosa's quality standards are so exceptionally high that our 60 x 120 cm XXL collections allow for even the narrowest of grout joints.

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