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Townhouse complex: Hafenquartier Berlin Mitte

Hafenquartier Berlin Mitte was created between 2008 and 2012 as a townhouse complex with eleven residential units, constructed for Agromex GmbH & Co. KG based on a design by the architectural firm of Behzadi & Partner. High priority was given to the use of natural and sustainable materials in the interior design. For the bathrooms as well as the kitchens and entry areas the architects opted for Mosa tiles (from the Beige&Brown and Terra Maestricht collections), which had already proven themselves in various other projects.

Based on the project's requirement to build up rather than out, Behzadi & Partner came up with a solution that redefines space and enables connections – between the spaces and the various levels as well as with the surrounding area. They sought to answer the question of how you can make stacked spaces not appear to be stacked, make efficient use of vertical space, and create relationships. In doing so, the architects clearly oriented themselves towards examples from the Netherlands, where the townhouse tradition has survived longer than in many other countries and where a completely different approach is taken towards space.

In order to create a building that will last as long as possible and still look valuable after 50 years, Behzadi & Partner placed great importance on selecting materials that are durable both aesthetically and in regard to their physical qualities, materials that would give an authentic and homely impression. In terms of color, they stayed very close to the original character of the materials. For the interiors the emphasis was on wood and ceramic tiles in colors that reflect the natural character of the material.
Mosa's products proved to be the right solution for this. In the words of architect Torsten Hentsch, ‘Mosa offers a wonderful and exceptionally wide range of natural colors. Not every grey is the same; sometimes the fine nuances within a single hue are what create a completely different look. You might wonder, “Why do they produce 20 different shades of grey?” That is a luxury for me as an architect, a luxury that other producers do not offer, which enables me to make small adjustments and utilize a certain type of stone or wood however I want.’

Torsten Hentsch talks about the unique features of this residential project in an in-depth interview. As part of the Behzadi & Partner team, the architect was responsible for planning the townhouses and designing the interior architecture. You can find the complete interview here.

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